Oyo State Amotokun Shortlisted Candidate 2022-2023 Employment list

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The Oyo State Amotokun Shortlisted Candidate 2022-2023 is out online, and here on this article, we will be uploading the full list of successful candidates in  batches.

Here we will bring you all tips on the Oyo State Amotekun shortlisted candidates  as we proceed on this contend, we get you covered on this because in this article you will get to all information needed and on how to check for the shortlist.

this are some of the point we will look in to in other to help you in this article as you follow it carefully

  • Is the oyo state amotokun shortlisted candidate out for 2022 ?
  • How can i check for the shortlisted candidate employment list
  •  Why can’t i find my name in the list ?

Is the oyo state amotokun Shortlisted Candidate out for 2022 ?

all in formation will be given as regarding to this question, the oyo state shortlisted list was meant to be ready in some weeks after the recruitment, we wish to inform yo that the shortlisted candidate list is not yet out but will be out soon, we employ you to be patience with that and once we get update on  it we will definitely update you on this, to be able to get quick update do well to bookmark our page so once the update drops you will get informed.

NOTE:not withstanding on the situation we will still give guide on how to go through the checking  process so that once its out, with the steps that will be given you can check for the shortlisted candidate list.

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How can i check for the shortlisted candidate employment list for  2022


Checking the full list of Oyo State Amotokun Shortlisted Candidates 2022, shouldn’t be a hard something to do, once the list is published online it will come out in PDF, which means you can download it on your smartphones once you check out the list you can delete it later. Also, know that these Employment List will be published on the official portal of the Oyo State Amotokun, so you have nothing to panic about as far as you did the needful while applying for the recruitment form so surely your name will be among those lists, let’s all be positive.

Why can’t i find my name on the list ?

Most time similar situation happens, but you need to keep calm okay there are a lot of reason why that happens, at time there are the applicant are more than the required number of in take and all the organizer have to do is the pick the required number of persons needed note the way you fill your form matters a lot if there was any mistakes, no clear or correct details was given this reason can cause such issue.

but wait there is good news most time the shortlist comes in batch you can keep checking for the next batch you might be lucky to be shortlisted.

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