NALDA Shortlisted candidates 2023 is out | How to Check List

NALDA Shortlisted candidates List 2023 is Out | How to Check

This article will provide an authentic guide for candidates who participated in the NALDA Recruitment. The NALDA shortlisted Candidates List for Successful candidates has been released. Confirm the list here and check your status.

The list is in PDF format and is downloadable. You can also view the list here as well. It is those who applied for the National Agricultural Land Development Authority Recruitment that is eligible to check the NALDA List of successful candidates for recruitment.

You can either check the List here, via the portal or via the email with which you use for the registration of the recruitment exercise.

If you follow the instructions here, you will be able to check your name on the list of all shortlisted candidates for the National Agricultural Land Development Authority Recruitment.

Please note that if you are not screened finally, you will not make it to the final list i.e. being recruited in NALDA.

NALDA Shortlisted Candidates, is it out?

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) shortlisted Candidates List has created lots of questions in the minds of the participant of the recruitment. One of such burning question on the lips of many is: Is the NALDA Shortlisted Candidates Out?

The answer to this question depends on the time you are reading this post. As of when this article was written, the list was not released. But maybe the list has been released now. Just make sure to follow all our instructions on how to check the NALDA Shortlisted Candidates List 2023.

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Remember that all the needed information for the release of the National Agricultural Land Development Authority Shortlist shall be conveyed in two ways, i.e. the email address you use during registration and the recruitment screening portal.

NALDA Portal for Shortlisted Candidates

The portal for NALDA is. This is the portal for all registrations and document uploads. So make sure you take proper notice of this portal very well. If you make your uploads and documentation on another portal, you are on your own as you might be scammed.

There are a lot of scammers online. People are eager to prey on unsuspecting and ignorant Nigerians who are desperate to get a job. So please be cautious and do not fall a victim to any wicked and callous fellow who wants to make gains in the wrong ways.

If you have forgotten your login details to the portal after opening the website, you can click on the forget password link to help you recover your login details.

How to Check Your Name on the NALDA Shortlisted Candidates List 

Here is the guide you need. The exact one you have been searching for on how to check the National Agricultural Land Development Authority, Shortlisted Candidates. See here and follow our instructions on how to check the NALDA Shortlist 2023.

The information on how to check the shortlist will be sent to you through your email. So keep the email you use during the registration active.

This is a detailed guide on how you can check the NALDA Shortlist 2023. Follow the guide very religiously.

  • Visit and log on to the Portal
  • Go to the top corner and follow the Link called recruitment Status
  • Filled in Your Application Number or Email in the provided space
  • Click on here you find Check below the box to check your name.
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Yeah! That’s how to check the NALDA Shortlist 2023.


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