Nigerian Army DSSC Screening Date 2023 | Examination Date, Time and Screening Centers

Nigerian Army DSSC Screening Date 2023 | See Examination Date, Time, and Screening Centers.

Is your name among the list of successful candidates that have been shortlisted by the Nigerian Army DSSC? If yes is the answer then you will definitely be looking for the screening date and you are certain of having it here. So, contained in this article is the Nigerian Army DSSC Screening Date, the materials you need for the screening, conduct guides, and how to get past the screening successfully.

Nigerian Army DSSC Screening Date 2023

After the shortlist of successful candidates, the next thing that people will want to find out is the screening date.  This is when the candidates who have made it to the next level will further be scrutinized. This is usually done to trim the number of people applying for a particular job. The screening will reduce the number of people to be selected finally.

How to prepare for Nigerian Army DSSC Screening

There are a few things that can give you the upper hand while you are at the screening venue. From experience, we will share with you some of the things that can actually give you the upper hand while being screened by any recruiter. Here are all the tips for you:

Dress properly with the set dress code. This is unarguably one of those reasons people get thrashed out of the screening race. You have to dress properly in the recommended attire when appearing for the screening to avoid losing your place. You may not put this into consideration but it actually one of those things that could get you fired….see more at

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Documents Needed For Nigerian Army DSSC Screening

Are you aware that you will need to go with some documents for the screening? Well, if you don’t, then we bring you the list of documents that you will need to carry along to the screening. Check the list of items below:

Everybody is expected to appear at the screening venue with the following documents:

  1. Educational Documents: Things like O’ Level, NCE, ND, HND, or degree certificate depending on the Cadre each candidate applied for – These are the documents that every applicant should come to the screening venue with. The documents you go with solely depends on your qualification and the cadre you applied for. We expect you to properly pack them well as you go for the examination.
  2. Local Government Identification Slip (Identification Letter); we expect you to have this. It is one of those documents that you will need to go along with as you appear for the screening examination.
  • Acknowledgement Slip: I am sure you must have printed your acknowledgement slip during the application period. It is one of the most important documents you should appear at the screening venue.
  1. Recent passport photograph. Two of the most recent passport is needed for the screening.
  2. Age declaration or Certificate of Birth: Ensure you appear at the venue with either an Age declaration or Certificate
  3. Pack all your photocopied documents in two different white flat files.

NOTE: You will need to be punctual to the venue of the screening as lateness will not be tolerated.