Npower Pre- selection List 2023 | List of Batch C Pre-Selected Candidates

Npower pre-selection list 2023. With this update, you will understand how to check for your Npower pre-selection list, with other important information as regards your search queries.

This article will be providing a total comprehensive update on how you can easily check for your name on the Npower pre-selection list and also I will show you how you can navigate through the Npower portal page so you to always access it easily and successfully.

Where can I check for the pre-selected list?

Most of you have similar questions but find it hard to ask or find answers, in this portal you will get everything at your tip.

the information needed, is here for you do well to follow the instructions carefully, there are other means but we feel this is the easiest  and best means to check your name on the list, a lot of applicants over the years had the same difficulties and were able to overcome through visiting the NASIMS portal which will be  provided here, when you go through the website we advise that you follow all steps provided and give those details correctly

How do I check the Npower Pre-selection list 2023

As rightly stated above we will provide you with the medium on how to go through it,  you can visit the NASIMS pre-selected list online and we will provide the site on which you can check just follow the steps promptly

here are simple patterns or steps on how to check the pre-selected list

  • Visit the Npower portal via
  • Navigate to the Link “Check Preselection Status”
  • Provide your Email Address and Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Download the Pre-Selected Candidates PDF List.
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once you follow all these steps you will get answers to this question, we wish all applicants good luck and congratulation to everyone that made it through. We will do well to update you on more information pertaining to the pre-selected list visit the comment section  for any concerns and update