Inksnation Payment Commencement date 2023 | Inksnation Update

Inksnation Payment Commencement Date 2023 – The eagerly anticipated Inksnation Payment has officially begun. This message is for you if you are an Inksnation member waiting for payment.

This article contains the most recent information regarding the eagerly anticipated Inksnation Payment and how to withdraw your payment. We ask that you carefully read this post to acquire the appropriate information from us.

Before proceeding, keep in mind that iBSmartify Nigeria created the first blockchain for human asset development (InksLedger) and the first charitable trust DAO (Inksnation) to eradicate poverty in the nation in less than nine months of investing in the platform. This encourages love, unity, oneness, peace, and the equitable distribution of wealth.

The website just had an upgrade, preventing members from accessing it for a while. This was done to help Inksnation create something on the platform that will hold up over time and help them fulfill the objective mentioned above.

Activities available on the Inksnation website

Pinkoin usage to pay for transportation costs.

Pinkoins can be used to pay for goods from Inksnation vendors at the market.

Any company name can be printed on recharge cards using the Inksnation VTU interface.

You can convert Pinkoins to any cryptocurrency of your choice on your dashboard.

20% of the purchase price is converted to cash when you use your DRCB wallet to make a purchase.

On that point, .it is vital to inform you that the official Inksnation website is now available. You can now log in and access your dashboard as a result.

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How to Withdraw Payment Through Inksnation

Please sign in at to access the Inksnation website.

Put your username and password in there..

Toggle to “Payment Methods”

Select the payment option you prefer, then move on to the following stage.

The presentation of the revamped website was previously stated to take place on May 12th, pending the achievement of 2,000 merchants each LGA countrywide, or 1,548,00 merchants in Nigeria.

And so the official Inksnation website is now available due to the organization’s ability to reach 2000 merchants each LGA countrywide.

The newly updated iksnation website allows Verified Inksnation Users to withdraw and send pinkoins to any channel.

Before you can complete any withdrawal on the website, you must first be a verified member of inksnation.