How to write an application letter for a teaching job in Nigeria

How to write an application letter for a teaching job in Nigeria; In many ways, an application letter for a teaching job in Nigeria is different from other professions. Communication skills are essential for a teacher to impact students and inspire them to learn more.

The following tips are written for the purpose of helping job seekers write a great application letter for a teaching job. These tips will help you to explain yourself to your potential employers and relate your unique skills and experience to the job description of the job that you are looking to get.

To write a good application letter for a teaching job, it is important for you to follow this format:

Begin your letter with your address, phone number, and date. Address your letter to the appropriate person.

When applying for a teaching position, it is important to include your address and contact information. Employers may need to contact you to schedule interviews, so it is a good idea to make sure they can do so easily.

Provide your full name and contact information (phone number and residential address) in the header of each resume page. Also provide your full teaching and education credentials including multiple degrees, any teaching certificates, and a PhD.

Your contact details and your address should look like this in your application letter:

23 Green Lane,

Seun Estates,


26th January 2023.


You should also include the school’s address after yours. It should also appear like this in your application letter:


Susan Peters,

Head Teacher/School Administrator,

Delight International School.

Lafia, Nasarawa.


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Address the letter to the right person

When applying for a teaching job in Nigeria, always address your application letter to the appropriate person. Using phrases such as “Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern” is not only unprofessional but can also come across as lazy.

You should do some research to find out the right person to address your application. You can visit the school’s website to find out the right person to address, or you can contact the school directly to learn more about recruitment.


Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and talk about where you saw the job vacancy.

When you are writing a job application letter, you should begin the letter with a brief introduction of yourself. You can say where you saw the job advertisement. Then, talk about why you are interested in the position. This will be effective in showing your interest in the position and understanding of what the position requires.

In addition to listing your qualifications, you can also include information about yourself that would give the recruiter a better understanding of who you are and how you fit into the organization.


Talk about your education and other certifications that make you the best person for the job.

Teaching is a profession, and as such your educational qualifications and certifications go a long way to determine if you would get the job. Every employer wants to hire a qualified teacher, as well as someone who is certified to teach.

It is important to state your educational background in your application letter so the employer can get a sense of your qualifications. It is also wise to include your GPA or the name of your university especially if it is well-known.

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In addition, you can discuss how becoming a teacher was a natural progression for you as someone who loves to help people learn. You can also talk about what’s inspired you to teach math.


Talk about your experience in teaching and the achievements that you have gotten so far.

To secure a teaching job in Nigeria, applicants need experience in the field. Including teaching experience in an application letter demonstrates expertise and familiarity with the demands of the position.

You can speak of your experience in a way that allows the employer to see how you would benefit the company. You may have no formal teaching experience, but you can speak of your related experience and how that would translate into a teaching position.

For instance, you can discuss your experience working with the learning and development department in a corporate organization.

When asked about your experience in the classroom, you should always emphasize what you are most proud of.

You can include your teaching techniques and values.

It is important to outline your approach to teaching and personal philosophy as a teacher, for the value you hold will be evident in your attitude towards teaching students. It is good to include details about the specific programs in which you involved yourself at school, for these will provide evidence of your value as an educator.

You may also want to detail the skills that make you a fantastic instructor or mention your qualifications. Be sure to describe the teaching style you hope to use with this particular class of students.

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You can conclude with a positive closing.

Close your cover letter politely and positively by thanking the reader for considering you for a role. Include information about how you plan to follow up, and indicate whether you want to call the hiring manager or send an email.

In your job application letter, you should include a paragraph that provides information about the skills you possess and how they might be of interest to the recruiter or employer.