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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Freelance Work Online

Becoming a freelancer is an attractive prospect for many Nigerians. It gives them the freedom to make one’s own schedule, decide what projects to work on and how much to be paid. There is no right or wrong way to search for remote jobs. In this guide, we will look at the most common services and tools for freelancers in Nigeria.

Step 1. Choose a Service

To kickstart your career, determine what services to offer according to your abilities. You could stick to your current skills or take some courses to upgrade them before applying for projects.

Step 2. Define Your Target Audience

As freelancers sell their services, like any brand, they need targeting. Build your ideal client profile outlining what these companies would want to get from you and why. Specify their size, corporate culture, etc.

In your research, you may discover that you do not need clients at all. If you are proficient in forex trading, you can work entirely on your own. Thanks to global brokers like Forextime, traders profit from the best bullish candlestick pattern using only a laptop or a smartphone.

Step 3. Create a Portfolio Site

A personal website is crucial for trust. Refer your prospects to a well-structured portfolio highlighting your achievements and key skills. Showcase your best projects and describe your services. The design does not have to be fancy, but it must be clean and professional.

Step 4. Determine Your Pricing

To understand how much to charge per hour, think about the value of your work. What benefits will clients gain? What kind of return on investment do they want? Your hourly rate must correspond to that value. Explore what other freelancers in your industry charge to formulate a realistic offer.

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Step 5. Market Your Business

The best way to market any business, including freelance services, is direct. Make sure your message is shown to the target audience (more on this below).

Step 6. Create a Pitch

Prepare and polish your sales pitch. Make sure it focuses on the benefits your work will bring to clients. Then, use this pitch on LinkedIn. This is a great place to start, as the social network is focused on building connections between recruiters and candidates.

Find a professional whose profile matches your target audience. Send them an introductory message with a connection request. Ask a question about their company, start a dialogue, and keep it friendly. Then, customize your speech based on the information and pain points they share and offer your services if they are relevant.

Step 7. Level up Your Skills

Successful freelancers never stop perfecting their craft. Keep track of the latest trends in your industry and continue upgrading your skills in order to put the best foot forward.

Depending on your industry, you may find books, podcasts, courses, videos, or other types of content. Network with professionals who excel at what you do — they can provide invaluable tips and tricks. In addition to hard skills, work on time management and crucial soft skills like:

  • Self-discipline
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Personability

Step 8. Do a Great Job

Reputation is the biggest asset for a freelancer. Thus, do not make promises you cannot keep and fulfil your obligations. If you miss deadlines or fail to meet the clients’ requirements, it will be difficult to find more work.

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Where to Find Work

As we have mentioned, LinkedIn is one of the best options. Every freelancer has a unique career path, so here are five places to consider in 2022.

1.   Social Media

Do not market to your Facebook friends unless they are your potential clients. Create and share high-quality content that is valuable and engaging to the target audience. Set up a community to grow your network and post in other professional communities related to your field.

On Instagram, find accounts that match your ideal client profile, follow them and engage with their content. Send them a message and introduce yourself. Share your own content with suitable hashtags. Use ads on Instagram and/or Facebook to promote your pitch in a targeted way.

2. Website Marketing

Promote your portfolio site online via ads. Include links to your site in your social media posts.

3. Blogging

Give your target audience some free value to build credibility. Create valuable and well-researched content. You could share guides, listicles, infographics, etc.

4. Guest Posting

Reach out to authoritative brands and offer your guest posts for their blogs. This way, you will gain immediate exposure to their audience.

5. Job Boards

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great for freelancers, as they connect them to clients. The biggest drawback is competition. As a result, you may have to lower your hourly rate.

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