Benefits of Norland Stockist Investors | Become a Stockist in Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business.

One of the fastest way and easiest ways to make a huge amount of money in Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business is becoming a Stockist Investor, becoming a market owner in Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business is very smart work having no much stress.

There are thousands of people in the country today who wish to very successful in their business but failed to understand the Law of Business, when you understand this you will never save your money in the bank but invest it, this is the difference between the Poor, Rich and Wealthy.


Becoming a Stockist in Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business comes with great benefits because as a stockist u don’t need to recruit before u earn and also you make over 4-5million on a monthly basis without stress.

Call Ambassador Issac on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up on Whatsapp let’s talk business.

How Is That Possible?

The company will come and launch the office for you and on the day of launching? You will sell all products purchased completely and you will get back your cash immediately.

Two weeks after launching, the company will pay you back 20% of the money you invested.

After that, all the people in your area will know your office as Norland office and all products ordering, registration, and activation in that area must pass through you and you make 6% of any transaction done in your office.

》Launching of office/Showroom by Company by conducting awareness on radio and social media to gather the general public to the launching. experience shows that products are sold out completely on launching day.

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》Company displays Stockist Unique Code/ID on the company website so that every distributor in the team or outside the team can purchase online and receive the product from the stockist office.


》50% REFERRAL BONUS (products point value) weekly.

》25% FREE PRODUCTS VOUCHER (new package) weekly.

》20% discount on all products

》 8% -3% (1st-6th Gen) and 3%-8% (7th-12th) monthly bonus (12 compressed generations).

》 10% – 13% Group Performance Bonus
》8% – 5%, 2% (1st-9th Gen) Leadership Bonus/Honorary.

》 1.5% Traveling incentives

》 1% Car incentives

》 FREE TRIP PROMO (China, US, South Africa).

》 Car Promo ( Brand New Car 4.8m and SUV 6.4m, Range Rover 40million)

》 House fund worth N24m, hotel incentives 55million and above.

》 Cash Bonus Electronics Promo

》 Profit sharing

》 people can buy products, do registrations, pick up product vouchers from your office.

》 Enjoys more commission, bonuses from the company.

Call Ambassador Issac on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up on Whatsapp let’s talk business.

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Norland Stockist Requirement 

  1.  To be a stockist you need to be a diamond member first
  2.  You must have an office
  3. You must have a secretary and a complete laptop for registration.
  4. You must purchase a product worth at least #2,000,000 and above.


This is for CEOs, Directors, Business Men/Women, Directors, Managers, and Cooperate Men/Women who understand the principle of investment and business of turning over money daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

The requirement for Dealer/Whole Seller

》Become a Diamond account holder👉N1,350,000m (100% money-back guarantee, that is, you get products worth the amount).

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》Invest a minimum of N4,500,000m to purchase products

》An office space.

》A computer literate secretary.


20% of investment capital (N2,000,000) will be paid into your account after 2 weeks of commencing operation.

Earn 5Million to 10Million Naira Return on Investment Monthly based on turn over👇👇
This is made possible by the team leader, as we distribute our stockist products to over more than 5,000 Pharmacies to help sell and turn over sales.

These Pharmacies are registered members of the ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITY PHARMACISTS OF NIGERIA Especially for our team investors that don’t have time, they leverage on the management of the team’s time and effort. We help manage the business in his or her absence. This business transaction is conducted in a drafted agreement, signed and sealed. The Memorandum Of Understanding ( MOU) between both parties involved are secured legally. Also, we currently have an online store owned by the team to display products so that people can purchase online and get their goods shipped to their home address. The team has a strong distribution chain to help manage and turn over our investor’s products satisfactorily.

The latest stockist we launched in Uyo Akwa Ibom state invested 20,000,000 and he is making money in millions. Sir/Ma, I will like you to look into this offer and make the right decision on this……. I would love to hear from you soon about this thanks


Visit Norland’s official portal

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Address: No. 35 Opebi Ikeja, near Unity Bank Lagos Nigeria
* Company seminars on Mondays and Thursdays.
Strictly by Invitation*.

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Call Ambassador Issac on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up on Whatsapp let’s talk business.