QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY. 

7 SECRETS OF CV SUCCESS: If you apply for every job that you see, you will not be able to make sure that your CV is tailored to the job that you are applying for. You will not be intentional about which job you are applying for.

Rather than send out many applications, each of which is hastily completed and poorly tailored, take the time to craft a few applications that will enable you to land a job you truly enjoy.

Avoid using a table on your CV

When applying for jobs, avoid using tables in your CV. The format of the table can be easily misinterpreted by ATS (applicant tracking systems), and it may disqualify you.

Always follow the instructions on the job description

We recommend that you carefully follow all instructions when submitting your cover letter and resume. If an employer asks you to include a certain subject line in the email address, be sure to do so.

Before submitting your application, make sure to read the job description carefully.

Never send your CV in an image format

In order to have a better chance of catching the recruiter’s eye, take the time to write your CV on paper instead of scanning or photographing it. The ATS cannot read what you have written on your resume if you do not turn it into data.

To ensure that job search programs can read your resume, you should use a universal image format when sending a CV electronically.

Always check your CV format before sending it in.

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Examine your CV’s grammar and spelling before applying for a job.

Employers and recruiters do not tolerate spelling and grammatical errors on job candidates’ CVs. A CV with errors sends a message that the applicant is unreliable or does not care about the job.

Don’t add a reference to your CV except it is required 

Providing references on a CV is risky as they are often asked to provide confidential information. It is better to state that references are provided upon request or leave that information out of your CV.

Always check your email every day

You should check your email regularly. It is good to stay close to your email especially when you have just applied for a job. It is also good to check your spam messages for sometimes companies can send messages to their customers that are directed to spam.