Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Is Out

Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment 2023 Application Form Is Out

Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment 2023 » This is where you will find all the latest updates about the current Kwara State Ilorin Civil Service Recruitment. Just in case you were wondering; is the Ilorin Civil Service commission recruiting? Well, we have gathered everything you need to find out about this. The regular needs of people in this situation include, how to register, and also detail on the needed qualification.

A Brief History Of Kwara State Civil Service

Kwara State was created on May 27, 1967, when General Yakubu Gowon’s Federal Military Government divided the four districts that made up the Federation of Nigeria at the time into 12 states.

Because of Nigeria’s additional state creation policies, Kwara State has shrunk dramatically in size since 1976. On February 13, 1976, a section of the state known as Idah/Dekina was cut out and merged with a piece of the then Benue/Plateau State to form Benue State.

This state’s civil service commission is not the most common in my opinion, but it goes a long way toward employing a significant number of its citizens.

Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment Requirement

As you prepare to apply for this position, we’ve compiled a list of all the criteria you’ll need to know before applying. This includes things like the required age, certification, and other qualifications.

First and foremost, you should be aware that this role is only open to HND or BSc holders. So, if you have either or both of the following, you are ready to begin your application.

The next consideration is age; according to the commission portal, applicants for this position must be under 35 years old at the time of application.

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Then there’s the one-year NYSC program. Any applicant must show their NYSC certificate or exemption letter at the time of application.

Available Positions To Apply

The majority of those who recently talked about Kwara state’s high unemployment rate will now have a new story to tell.

So, are you prepared to apply for Kwara State Civil Service Commission Recruitment 2023? Do you believe you possess all of the required qualities?

If you believe you are competent, able, and willing to serve the good people of Kwara state, then apply now using the instructions below.

First, we’ll go through what it takes to get hired through the Kwara State Civil Service Commission’s recent recruitment. You now have access to the whole guide.

For example:

Grade Level 09 – If employed, the salary level will hump from a minimum as structured by the state government of workers of that grade.

Grade Level 08 – Once employed, employees will go in with a salary level assigned for workers at this level.

Level 07 is for HND holders; However, you are advised to check your area of specification before applying.

  • Geologist – Grade Level 09
  • Civil Engineer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Environmental Health Officer II – G.L 08
  • Statistician – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Mechanical Engineer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Higher Technical Officer (Electrical) – Grade Level 08
  • Fisheries Officer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Structural Engineer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Produce Officer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Electrical Engineer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Scientific Officer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Education Officer – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Architect – Grade II, Grade Level 08
  • Technical Officer (Civil) – G.L 07
  • Technical Officer (Electrical) – Grade Level 07
  • Technical Officer (Town Planning) – Grade Level 07
  • Technical Officer (Mechanical) – Grade Level 07
  • Statistical Officer – Grade Level 07
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How to Apply For Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment

We had never hesitated to supply some remarkable information on how to apply for any job that we post here on our website and that of Kwara state civil service will not be an exemption. So, check all the instructions on how to successfully apply for this job below.

First, we always advise our readers to get their documents ready before even attempting to apply for this job. So, once you have done that, get to the commission website and commence your registration.

Registration Guide

Just so you can get this job, we have to bring home all the needed registration guides for you. Meanwhile, we feel that the first step of even getting this job stems from having a proper registration process. And here is our guide below;

The next thing is to properly fill in the needed information on the portal. We advise that you recheck your details after registration before finally submitting it.

Ensure you hit the submit button and get a confirmation message before exiting the portal.

Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment Portal

Finding the link to the right portal can be very difficult. This is to the fact that most search engine is flooded by fake information made available by bloggers on the internet. But here is the link to the registration portal:

Qualified Local Government

It is important to know if your local government has been among those eligible ones to apply. Below are the local government that can apply for this job.

  • Asa
  • Baruten
  • Edu
  • Ekiti
  • Ifelodun
  • Ilorin East
  • Ilorin South
  • Ilorin West
  • Irepodun
  • Isin
  • Kaiama
  • Moro
  • Offa
  • Oke Ero
  • Oyun
  • Pategi
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Benefits Of Working With Kwara State Civil Service Commission

Any department or arm of Government job comes with some remarkable reward which is the reason most people try so hard to get a government job. Today we bring you all the important benefits of working for the state civil service commission. The number one thing has to be the financial benefits which also continue even after retirement. The next thing is job security – this is the primary reason why people struggle so much to get a civil service job.

The closing date for Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment Form.

The Kwara State Civil Service Recruitment deadline has been announced. You will make every effort to complete the online registration by April 18, 2023, or your application will be rejected.