JAMB Approved Cut off Mark for all Courses

JAMB Approved Cut-off Mark for all Courses | Do you know the JAMB-approved cut-off mark for this year and the jamb cut-off mark for all courses? Read this guide to the end to get all the information that you need.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) have approved 160 as a cut-off mark for 2020/2021 university admissions.

The board also approved 120 as cut-off marks for Polytechnic and 100 for the school of Education and Innovative institutions.

What is The Meaning of Cut off Mark?

Even though we have literally been discussing Cut off marks for some time now, we have come to discover that it is not every student that understands the meaning of cut-off marks. So let us get the definition straight for you here.

Cut off mark is the minimum score that students must have in order to gain admission into any University of their choice or any other institution.


How to Calculate Departmental Cut Off Mark

Let’s look at the three methods use by educational systems in Nigeria to calculate ct off marks.

Method One

First of all, you have to be aware that different institutions have different cut-off marks. The cut-off mark for UNICAL can never be the same for UNIUYO.

Let us look at an example.

If the law in UNIUYO is 77 and you score 68 in Post UTME and 260 in JAMB (SInce both Post UTME and JAMB are 100 and 400 respectively).

First of all divide 68 by two which is 32 and dive your JAMB Score  by 8, which is 260/8=32.5

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Add the two number together, he gives you 32.5+34=66.5

Hence the formula is to divide your jamb score by 8 and post UTME score by 2.

With this, you can determine if you will be given admission to your chosen

Method two

There is a slight difference in the method of calculation. The second method involves both your post UTME, jamb, and o level grades.

Here is the method;

  • You will Divide your JAMB score by 8 as usual.
  • The total marks which are obtainable in post-UTME 20.19
  • Your o level grades are over 30. Below is how to calculate your O level result.

Your O’level Grade Calculation- How to Calculate

Every Institution requires five subjects from you for the subject combination with Math and English Always Compulsory.

Every Grade has a point, here are the points give to each Grade.

A1 = 6 points

B2 = 5 points

B3 = 4 points

C4= 3 points

C5 = 2 points

C6 = 1 points

So if you for instance scored 260 in JAMB and 12 in Post UTME and you have  3A”s 1 B3 AND C5 and you applied for say UNIBEN and their cut-off mark is 70. Here is the calculation.

Your Jamb -> 260/8=32.5

Your WAEC result (3A”S equals to 3×6=18 +B3=4 + C5=2).

For this method, you will not divide any score by two. Sum up everything.


If a student should get admission via this method, then the student must have a good O’level result.

Third Method

This is the last and easiest method as well as the most preferred among Nigerian Students, with this method, you are guaranteed admission as it doesn’t require screening. What you really need to gain admission here is a very good JAMB score. UNIUYO, FUOYE, and UNIABUJA are some of the Key schools that use this admission process.

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Approved Departmental Cut off Mark

The minimum cut-off marks suggested by JAMB for admissions into public universities, private universities, public polytechnic, private polytechnics, and colleges of education are 160, 140, 120, 110, and 100 respectively. see More: www.jamb.gov.ng/cut-off-marks

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